eBook 'From Small Habits to Great Happiness' in 66 days

A proven technique to break free of your old habits. The eBook offers information and inspiration about how habits determine your life and how you can approach them to give your life a more positive spin.

  • Experience how tackling habits has a positive impact on your life
  • Learn the difference between helping and non-helping habits
  • Not just an eBook, but also a workbook!
  • Discover how you can learn new habits successfully and for a long time

[ eBook coming soon 📖 ]

 You were sooooo there, so awake, so warm, so devoted and so present. I am grateful.

Sarah Temborius

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We are Michel Tassent and Susan Bronkhorst.

Our mission is to let the sun shine and that starts with you. This challenge can give you that strong impulse.

We inspire and motivate you with all our built-up experience and acquired knowledge in change and transformation.

Surf along on our positive vibes and invite yourself to take steps towards a life that you choose. A life full of love for yourself and the world.

We facilitate, inspire and motivate so you can reach the finish line.

We host you to success

During this period we will focus on allowing (first 22 days), accepting (next 22 days) and automating (last 22 days) our new habits.

All with the aim of improving yourself and ultimately being able to stand more powerfull in your shoes.

A life full of life.

Participants rates us an average of 9/10:

Amazing how the two of you´ve inspired & motivated and were fellow challengers yourself.
Wouter Willem Weber
I think you're great! Bright, inviting, loving.
Anita Kooij
It has gone so well! Next Monday 10 weeks non alcoholic. I repeat....10 weeks (toing).
Sylvia Bronkhorst

Trying to get rid of some old habits?

The eBook teaches you about helping and non-helping habits. You will be taken along in the ideas of the 66 Days Challenge.

And you read about the elements that lead to the successful and long-term integration of new habits. The eBook is also a workbook.

You can use this eBook throughout the whole challenge.

[ eBook coming soon 📖 ]